Olesea Fiodorova, Graphic Designer


Olesea Fiodorova 

Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Eastern Europe, Olesea is a graphic designer with a formal background in Art. Having earned a degree in oil and watercolor painting from a fine art university in Moldova, and a second degree in digital art direction from the University of Massachusetts, Olesea is a professional, seasoned artist with a keen design eye. Today, Olesea still practices both, illustrating manually, from wall murals to commissioned work, teaching art in her local community, and designing graphically for small businesses. In addition to assisting in graphic design for Plumeria Realty, Olesea, being fluent in Russian and Romanian languages, serves as an interpreter to our Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian clients. Olesea, along with her husband and son resides in the seaside town of Swampscott, MA.